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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates: March 2015

Monthly compilation of our Fellows' achievements and landmarks

Kiyotaka Morita at Session 533: A New Architecture for Global Trade

Jan Heinecke | 30.03.2015

Starting in 2015, every month we bring you the highlights from the Salzburg Global Fellowship. Have you got some news - a new book, a promotion, a call for grant proposals - that you'd like to share with the Salzburg Global Fellowship? Email Salzburg Global Seminar Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke.

Alexandra Glavanakova, Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA) Session 09, Resistance and Readiness: Immigration, Nativism and the Challenge of Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the US and Europe Today and ASC Session 29 The Continuing Challenge of America's Ethnic Pluralism, has published a book Posthuman Transformations: Bodies and Texts in Cyberspace. Sofia: Sofia University Press. 2014. ISBN 978-954-07-3869-7, which explores the re/positioning of the human body and the evolution of the textual body in technological culture. Through the examination of a selection of fictional texts - both print and computer-mediated - an extensive account of the transformations of the bodies of fictional characters and the actual reader in interaction with/(in) cyberspace is presented. The book is interdisciplinary - at the crossroads of posthumanism, postmodern literary theory, phenomenology and the philosophy of technology. The author seeks to answer the interrelated questions: How is the human body imagined in print and computer-mediated fictional texts? What is the body’s role in redefining the human in technological culture?  

Kiyotaka Morita, Fellow of Session 533 | New Dynamics in Global Trade Architecture: WTO, G20 and Regional Trade Agreements contributed the article Legal Aspects of the of the Emissions Trading Scheme based on "Cap and Trade" to the “Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics”, an academic journal published annually by his alma mater, Hitotsubashi University.

Clio Muse, the startup founded by Young Cultural Innovators Fellow Yiannis Nikolopoulos was awarded the first prize of the Europeana Food and Drink Open Innovation Challenge for their concept of re-using Europeana materials. Europeana is an EU funded internet portal where millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records have been digitally stored by more than 2000 institutions across Europe.

Our German speaking Fellows might be interested in the new book of Andre Wilkens, who participated in Session 530 | Value(s) for Money? Philanthropy as a Catalyst for Social and Financial Transformation. "Analog ist das neue Bio" explores the implications of our every day challenges and sometimes baflement in the digital world.

Jan Heinecke